One Question we are asked a lot is “Do we need to have crane tickets in Alberta or B.C?”

In each Province in Canada has their OHS standard take from the CSA Standard on knuckle boom cranes as well as all other crane types.

It requires any business that provides these cranes for employee use in their jobs, to also provide specific training for these cranes to be used safely.

There are no laws in the sense that you buy a crane and the law says you have to train, this is the confusion.  When you buy any specific tool to provide to your employees, you must also provide crane training for those employees operating that crane.  In this case a crane is a very specific device and you want very specific training for that crane.   A generic program can do more harm than good!

The confusion is also what lift capacity does the crane not need any formal training and can you have a senior employee instruct on the use of the crane as well as many other questions.  So the question of  Do we need to have crane tickets in Alberta is yes.  

IF you have a well documented, formal training program within your organization that outlines the entire process then you have done your due diligence and OHS sees it that way. HOWEVER if you do not have well documented program, did not evaluate the appointed person you thought was well versed in crane use and operations and they learned from someone who provided a lot of good information BUT also provided them with their bad habits, then you are not safe nor is your employees.
Why take that chance in the first place?

We provide all the documents, proper operator safety insight and are factory trained.
Don’t set your operators up to fail, set them up to succeed and keep your insurance premiums down in the process.

Why not contact us, yes there is a cost but we do over-deliver and you won’t sit back wondering why you spent that money to properly train.

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