Do workers need to be trained in crane safety?

One Question we are asked a lot is “Do workers need to be trained in crane safety?” In each Province in Canada OH&S takes their standard from the CSA Standard on articulated loader cranes or knuckle boom cranes. It requires any business that provides these cranes for employee use in their jobs, to also provide specific training for these cranes to be used safely. There are no laws in the sense that you buy a crane and the law says you have to train, this is the confusion.  When you buy any specific tool to provide to your employees, you must also provide crane training for those employees operating that crane.  In this case a crane is a very specific

Light Duty Picker Training Locations in Alberta

Your company will have one of the best trained operators by one of the best trained instructors in Canada. We have our light duty picker instructor based in Edmonton, as well as Calgary, Saskatoon and Regina. So we cover both provinces and come right out to your shop, office, lay down yard.  We’re also providing crane training in conjunction with a strong safety company in Bonnyville and with the Alberta Construction Safety Association in Edmonton for open classes. These are generally held once every 2 months as right now there is less demand in our provinces than there once used to be. That said if you have a HIAB, FASSI, PALFINGER or any brand of picker, UNDER 8-tons in either

Crane Training Saskatchewan

So there has been a tremendous amount of confusion by the people who run pickers in Saskatchewan.  The phone calls we have gotten have also left us confused until we go ahold of the right person. The picker crane (knuckle boom crane) in Saskatchewan is now or has been called PME or power mobile equipment, same category as a small mechanic service crane (corner mount), or small carry deck crane (think Broderson) and other small cranes, less than 5-ton in Capacity. So according to OH&S in most provinces in Canada as long as the company can ensure the operator of the equipment is competent and provides the proper training and tools, they have done to the best of their ability,

Palfinger Launches New Large Crane PK 200002 L SH

I will admit, I am a big Palfinger fan, if you look at quarterly reporting it will vary who is #1 in the world either Palfinger or Hiab.  Either way, both are the top 2 cranes in the world when it comes to sales. The technology on knuckle boom cranes has far outpaced that of the stiff boom industry, with AOS (active oscillation control), ISC (internal stability control) and many more features that are now almost commonplace in the knuckle boom world, this is why I love this industry, operators run THE safest cranes in the world, they just need a little help with how to use them from More recently, Palfinger launched another large crane into the marketplace: