Understand the regulations and requirements for light duty crane safety training for operators

Do you have to use specific 3rd party crane safety training or can you do an in-house training program? Crane safety training SHOULD be an essential part of any companies overall safety and efficiency program, in any construction or industrial, or oilfield environment. Light duty cranes, known by many names like: mini crawler cranes, boom truck, pickers, service cranes, carry deck cranes, etc. are generally smaller and more versatile machines that are often used in tight spaces or for general maintenance, hotshot, plant turnarounds or more specific tasks and we find most operators don’t have any light crane safety training at all.  We’re told they are easy to run, easy to figure out and the words we don’t like hearing…”I’ve

Spyder Mini Crawler Crane Safety Training

Spyder Mini Crawler Crane Operator Safety Training Here in Canada, the mini-crawler crane is somewhat of an oddity as it doesn’t fit in many classes due to the size and weight limitation, however CSA Z150.3 does apply Federally as well as many provinces having the crane show up in their OHS standards classified as power mobile equipment.  Always check with your provincial OHS officers to clarify as it can be very different province to province. The Spyder mini crawler type cranes are incredibly versatile, powerful little cranes that are most commonly found one construction sites, industrial plants during turn-around, and mining operations. Just like any machinery, they can be incredibly dangerous when operated improperly. That’s why it’s essential that all

Light Duty Knuckle Boom Crane Training in Canada: What You Need to Know

Knuckle boom cranes, also known as articulated cranes or ‘picker trucks’, are a very versatile crane that are most commonly used in construction, oil and gas, industrial, and marine settings. In Canada, it is important for operators of these cranes to be properly trained in order to ensure the safety of themselves, their coworkers, and the public at large. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) states that operators of cranes and other heavy equipment must be trained and certified in accordance with the regulations set out by the province or territory in which they are working. In most cases, this includes completing a training program that covers topics such as crane components and operation, load handling, and

One Ton Picker Truck Crane Ticket

Are you looking to get your operators safety training tickets for your next job? We can help you out by providing our one-day knuckle picker safety training program at your location. We only provide training for groups of 4 or more and our low travel fees keep our one ton picker truck crane ticket within your training budget.  It’s far better for us to come out to you than to send in your crew to us.           Some of what we cover during the one day crane safety training: How to make sure the crane is always properly stabilized in ALL situations How to make sure the stabilizer outrigger pads are properly sized for the ground

New for 2023 – Lower Light Crane Training Rates Are Now In Effect

We made a decision to lower our training rates for 2023 for one reason… The energy industry has been clawed back for years, now it’s ‘booming’ out there.  We keep hearing and many business owners are saying the same thing: “…Our training budget has been chopped, changed or reduced!”  We are here to help! The energy industry in Alberta and Saskatchewan is now crazy busy right now.  We are hearing: “Yes it’s busy but we can’t find people, we can’t find people to use the equipment so we are having to change things up and train other employees that haven’t used cranes in the past”.  This is a big challenge for everyone and will remain so for the foreseeable future.