Picker Operator Training in Edmonton and Area

Are you Looking for HIAB type Knuckle Boom Crane Operator Safety Training, We Can Help. We’ve provide our program to thousands of operators and hundreds of companies.  We train their operators on proper, safe use of the articulated loader (picker) cranes. Our light duty knuckle boom picker operator training is 1-day in duration and that is all that is needed. This program is for ANY knuckle boom crane that will lift LESS THAN 8-tons in capacity in Alberta as well as 5.5 tons in Saskatchewan.   Give us a call at (844) 334-8847 Send us an email HERE, we will respond as quickly as we are able to, typically within 1 hour. We bring everything needed to your location so you

Light Picker Certification in Grande Prairie

Looking for Light Duty Knuckleboom Crane Training Program in the Grande Prairie Area? We’ve helped thousands of  operators and hundreds of companies train their operators on proper, safe use of the articulated loader (picker) cranes.   Our light duty knuckle picker training is 1-day in duration and that is all that is needed.   Contact us at (844) 334-8847 The program is for ANY knuckle boom crane that lifts LESS THAN 8-tons in capacity in Alberta.  Coverage is based out of Edmonton for this training we travel to your shop and provide your company with this program that is CRANE SPECIFIC, not a one size fits all.  We now provide training for BC based customers! We bring everything needed to your

Cold Lake Bonnyville Area Light Crane Safety Training

We’ve been providing our picker training in the Cold Lake and area for 6+ years now, the areas surrounding Cold Lake such as La Corey, Bonnyville and other areas. One common denominator is all the companies in Cold Lake use us for their picker operator safety training for a reason. The typical unit we train on is either a HIAB 077, Palfinger PK series, Fassi is also a very popular brand given that Transform Crane and Equipment in Lloydminister do a great job of installations, service and sales of the Fassi brand. So if you want picker safety training on cranes under 8-tons capacity (threshold for having to have a trade operator run it in AB), if you are in

Alberta Knuckle Boom Truck Training Program

We have now added an e-Learning platform to our system for our boom truck operator safety programs. While this is not the same as on-site, it will give your operator ‘provisional’ certification with the balance of the practical assessment being done by an appointed person in your organization. Not to worry, we send you a full direction checklist of what is required via email in pdf documentation and out of that you will be able to assess your employees based on our instructions. This way, you keep your costs even lower, are able to give your employees valuable hands on instruction time on the crane and the ability to control the crane, understand the dynamics of the crane as well

Picker Truck Training – Bonnyville

Light Duty Crane Training in the Bonnyville area We do contact other companies if their HSE department will allow it, and bring in employees from other companies that may not have our minimum number of employees to attend. So far we’ve worked with 9 different companies for picker truck training in Bonnyville and surrounding area. Our program is simple, concise and emphasizes our 3-core process for all the operators.  You won’t see us simply showing the operators how it’s done, they all get to fully participate in everything we talk about during the morning theory session. Call us toll free to book a training session (844) 334-8847 We keep your costs down by bringing our training program to you.  You

New Courses and Updates

We have changed our phone number and address to reflect our recent move. Please be sure you update those details on your end. It has been an interesting past few months, with Alberta pretty well removing any restrictions regarding COVID protocols, we remain diligent but also respect all of our clients own protocols and such. For more information please contact us HERE via email or call us to discuss your needs. Moving forward, there has been a surge of activity in the energy sectors as well as municipal sector and we sure hope that this remains in place for the balance of 2021 and onward. We also realize there is likely to be an election called in the fall by