Light Duty Picker Truck Training in Alberta

Light Duty Picker Truck Training in Alberta is a simple process and for many companies it is required and necessary to have. IF your picker truck has a crane that will lift MORE than 2,000Kg as shown on your load chart of the crane, it’s the first number on the far left side or initial heavy lift number, and it is MORE than the capacity shown above, you are required to provide specific training for that equipment to anyone operating the crane as per OHS section 69 of the current OHS guide. the programs we offer are from a one-day program up to a 3-day program that offers picker truck operator safety training to rigging training and load control training

Effer Light Duty Crane Operator Training in Lloydminster

Effer Light Duty Crane Operator Training in Lloydminster. We just completed a full day operator safety program and we used 2 cranes due to the high number of operators that attended.  The program keeps your operators compliant with the OHS section 69 standard, as well as many energy operators now require proof of training and certification of anyone who does work on many of their sites to have picker specific training. Our programs are 1-day, basic operator safety programs that do provide a certificate for a 3 year period, just as you would with all your other certifications. The 3-day program is far more in-depth and is primarily for experienced operators looking to expand their level of knowledge, but can

Knuckle Boom Crane Stabilizer Pads

Are you using the correct size outrigger pads for the job? A question we ask during each of our training programs to every operator and the answer is typically the same one: “I’m using what is or was on the truck”. While it’s a fair answer, it’s not the right answer.  The response I provide to them is also easy: “what type of soil conditions are you facing this day?  While that seems pretty easy, the truth of the matter is also apparent and that is, these small, largely unregulated crane sizes were put together by an installation facility with little to no regard to ground conditions and it is NOT up to the installer to even put pads on

Picker Crane Certification in Alberta

Picker Crane Certification in Alberta  Operating a light duty knuckle boom crane is a big responsibility, as these small ‘picker’ cranes, as they are often referred to, are capable of hoisting loads that can, if rigged wrong and moved incorrectly, WILL harm people and property if not handled properly.   Here at Light Duty Crane Safety, safe use of the crane is our #1 top priority, which is why all your crane operators should be on your customers site with fully certified operators who are experienced in their field. If you are looking into what certifications are required to operate a crane in Alberta so you can be sure that if you take our crane operator safety program and you have

Alberta Knuckle Boom Picker Certification

What Is Required for Certification in Alberta to Operate a Knuckle Boom Picker? This is one question we are asked, emailed about is; “What certification is do I need to operate knuckle boom cranes legally in Alberta?”. While there is no ‘legal’ requirement, there is an OHS standard that if not interpreted properly, could lead to legal issues if an OHS officer investigates a recordable incident where an individual has been injured or worse.  OHS officers have had the legal power to issue a civil fine or charge to companies or individuals that have incorrectly performed their job if it was proven to be negligent.  “Picker certification” of often misunderstood as being a trade (like journeyman electrician, plumber, welder, etc.),

New Crane Operator Programs Coming in 2022

We are adding and revising programs for 2022! New programs we are adding: Knuckle Boom Crane Operator Safety and Rigging – 3 days $ POR Carry Deck Crane Operator Safety and Rigging – 3 days $ POR Hi-Rail Crane Operator Safety and Rigging – 3 days $ POR All of these programs will be held either ON-site, using your crane, or at the ASCA in south Edmonton. You will need to bring your crane truck to this as well. For more information or details, please contact us HERE