Do workers need to be trained in crane safety?

One Question we are asked a lot is “Do workers need to be trained in crane safety?” In each Province in Canada OH&S takes their standard from the CSA Standard on articulated loader cranes or knuckle boom cranes. It requires any business that provides these cranes for employee use in their jobs, to also provide specific training for these cranes to be used safely. There are no laws in the sense that you buy a crane and the law says you have to train, this is the confusion.  When you buy any specific tool to provide to your employees, you must also provide crane training for those employees operating that crane.  In this case a crane is a very specific

Light Duty Picker Certification for Operators

We offer what is known by many as picker certification, however it’s more than just that. One question we are asked many times, is what is the law about picker training certification?  The not so simple answer is there is NO law, just as there are no laws about your having to have your operators certified in H2S, confined space entry, fall arrest, first aid, etc.  Now before you back out of the post and say we are crazy, these are all standards your customer, OHS in your respective province and you as an employer must provide to your employees! The crane you now own, is very much a specific tool that you purchased to do a job and like

Picker Operator Training in Edmonton and Area

Are you Looking for HIAB type Knuckle Boom Crane Operator Safety Training, We Can Help. We’ve provide our program to thousands of operators and hundreds of companies.  We train their operators on proper, safe use of the articulated loader (picker) cranes. Our light duty knuckle boom picker operator training is 1-day in duration and that is all that is needed. This program is for ANY knuckle boom crane that will lift LESS THAN 8-tons in capacity in Alberta as well as 5.5 tons in Saskatchewan.   Give us a call at (844) 334-8847 Send us an email HERE, we will respond as quickly as we are able to, typically within 1 hour. We bring everything needed to your location so you

Light Picker Certification in Grande Prairie

Looking for Light Duty Knuckleboom Crane Training Program in the Grande Prairie Area? We’ve helped thousands of  operators and hundreds of companies train their operators on proper, safe use of the articulated loader (picker) cranes.   Our light duty knuckle picker training is 1-day in duration and that is all that is needed.   Contact us at (844) 334-8847 The program is for ANY knuckle boom crane that lifts LESS THAN 8-tons in capacity in Alberta.  Coverage is based out of Edmonton for this training we travel to your shop and provide your company with this program that is CRANE SPECIFIC, not a one size fits all.  We now provide training for BC based customers! We bring everything needed to your

Cold Lake Bonnyville Area Light Crane Safety Training

We’ve been providing our picker training in the Cold Lake and area for 6+ years now, the areas surrounding Cold Lake such as La Corey, Bonnyville and other areas. One common denominator is all the companies in Cold Lake use us for their picker operator safety training for a reason. The typical unit we train on is either a HIAB 077, Palfinger PK series, Fassi is also a very popular brand given that Transform Crane and Equipment in Lloydminister do a great job of installations, service and sales of the Fassi brand. So if you want picker safety training on cranes under 8-tons capacity (threshold for having to have a trade operator run it in AB), if you are in

Alberta Knuckle Boom Truck Training Program

We have now added an e-Learning platform to our system for our boom truck operator safety programs. While this is not the same as on-site, it will give your operator ‘provisional’ certification with the balance of the practical assessment being done by an appointed person in your organization. Not to worry, we send you a full direction checklist of what is required via email in pdf documentation and out of that you will be able to assess your employees based on our instructions. This way, you keep your costs even lower, are able to give your employees valuable hands on instruction time on the crane and the ability to control the crane, understand the dynamics of the crane as well