COVID19 – Training Cancellations

Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, we have made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel all training classes for the next 3 weeks or longer. Once the governments across Canada have given the all clear to resume business, group settings, etc, we will then announce this to our customers. I will everyone the very best in this very trying time we are experiencing, God speed to us all! For more information or to talk with us directly, please call us at (403) 606-0603 or send us an email on our contact us page HERE  

Do You Need Crane Training?

For Crane Training in Alberta, Saskatchewan or NWT, actually all across Canada we have a CSA “Standard” that each Province in Canada will take it’s own “standard” from to develop respective OH&S standards for. While there is no “laws” per-se as we are always asked about in many phone calls, there is the minimum standard required to provide specific training for specific tools.   Did you know that OH&S officers have the power to charge you or your operator with a criminal offence if warranted.  If that doesn’t get one thinking nothing truly will. A crane gets no more specific to lifting than does a Rigid 300 power thread unit to…well threading pipe, it simply doesn’t.   Some of the training that

HIAB Type Crane Training Program

When it comes time to look into your HIAB picker operator safety training, why not go with the ones who have been trained by HIAB as well as Palfinger. We’ve been to both factories, one in Perrysburg, U.S.A and the other in Salzburg, Austria.  The course we went on was for more advanced in terms of time and materials by comparison.  We were there for 5 full days in each location and more, so one of the reasons when asked if we have a 1/2 day training, we do but it’s more a safety walk around than a “training” program. Light picker training is generally regarded as unnecessary and that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Like all training you

Knuckle Boom Crane Winch – Clearing up the confusion

Who would have thought that a winch could create so much confusion on a knuckle boom crane in Alberta, Saskatchewan and other provinces as well. The winch shown to the left is pretty unique compared to the one below.  What is the biggest difference you ask?  Well the one on the left is controlled by the cranes overload system, meaning it is tied DIRECTLY into the cranes controls and safety overload system. Now, most if not all now should be factory supplied winch systems in Western Canada, but there are literally 1000’s of the “old-school” winches in service today and the issue is BIG against these systems as many owners more than likely already know…no A2B or alternate that will

Did You Just Purchase a New Knuckle Boom Crane?

We often are asked about our picker training for brand new cranes. If you are in Alberta or Saskatchewan and just bought a new HIAB, Palfinger or any type of knuckle boom crane, you may already have experienced operators in your company and that’s great if you do (how much experience do they have?), or you got a contract with another company and are looking to add a knuckle picker to your fleet but are not sure of the regulations, standards, laws, etc.  That is where we come in and will help you through the “stuff” out there.  We cut through the noise in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories to get you what you need…INFORMATION! This is what we also