Light Duty Crane Training in the Heartland of Alberta, providing our services for many years is always a pleasure.

We have great customers all throughout western Canada and the folks at Pipe Tech Integration in Stettler are amongst those awesome customers.

Pipe Tech specializes in piping and maintenance throughout Western Canada and this is my second time working with their operators and it’s by my estimate, a top-notch company operating clean, organized and well maintained equipment.

Their business website is HERE and take the time to see it through but with their newest crane, a rear mount HIAB 077 it gives them even more capability, reach and flexibility to get into different areas.

That said, when I get a call from our customers in rural areas, these trips out are the best, while winter is still here in Alberta, it’s been mild and roads are in great shape.

We get to meet with a lot of great people who understand and appreciate light duty crane safety and for the most part, a reminder of how using the crane in the wrong manner can be detrimental.  While it’s an imperfect world, we know the risks we take on, but our program is designed to help mitigate those same risks as much as possible, while offering due diligence ,use of checklists, pre-use checks of the crane and much more, we don’t cover rigging and load control, our programs are always about crane control first, load control second.

If your company is in the Stettler area and you want more information or pricing details about our program, give us a call at [587] 209-2589 or send us an email HERE.