Light Duty Crane Operator Training and Certification in Alberta and Saskatchewan

This is for All Light Duty Cranes Including:

Knuckle Boom Cranes – Carry Deck Cranes – Mechanics Service Cranes and Spider Cranes.

Our programs are up to one-day in duration. 

These safety programs provide your company and operators with crane specific, safe use and operator certification.

Our Training Programs are Completed at your location or ON-SITE only. Anywhere in Western Canada!

*Minimum student numbers required.

See image below for the types of cranes we provide the operator certification training on.
Light Duty Crane Certification Programs in Alberta and Saskatchewan. We do also serve western Canada as well.

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or Feel Free to Call us at (587) 209-2589 

If you are located in – Alberta – Saskatchewan – Manitoba – NWT – B.C and operate any type of light duty knuckle boom pickers, mechanics service crane, carry deck crane, or spider mini crawler crane, our one-day operator safety training program is the right choice for giving your operators certified training for your company.

Program Overview:

  • In Alberta, knuckle boom cranes (Articulated loader, picker trucks), must NOT exceed 8-tons in lift capacity.  
  • In Saskatchewan any knuckle boom crane may NOT exceed 5.5 -Tons in lift capacity
  • In British Columbia your crane may NOT exceed **5-tons in lift capacity or 25′ of hydraulic boom reach.
  • Carry deck cranes may NOT exceed 15-tons in lift capacity.
  • *IF your knuckle boom picker crane has a winch installed, the winch may NOT exceed a 5-ton single part line lift.

*Crane may be installed on any type of vehicle, stationary mount, trailer mount, Rear mount, behind cab mount, etc.

Operator Training and Certification Program Details:

  • Knuckle Boom Crane operator safety certification details, click HERE
  • Mechanics Service Body Crane operator safety certification details, click HERE
  • Carry Deck Crane operator safety certification details, click HERE
  • Micro Boom Crane operator safety certification details, click HERE
  • Spider Crane operator certification details, click HERE
  • Online Learning programs are also available details please click HERE
  • Truck Mounted Forklift operator safety training details, click HERE

Our light duty crane safety programs will provide both new and experienced operators with updated knowledge regarding safe, proper, factory style crane operating procedures.

*We Do Require a minimum number of operators to come out to your location and there is a low travel charge to come to site, which is far less than sending your operators into a central location.  For more information, please visit our FAQ page HERE

For All the On-Site programs, upon successful completion your operators receive:

  • Laminated Wallet Card
  • Certificate of Completion (we also provide this in PDF for your files)
  • 3 Year Renewal
  • All documents SPECIFIC to your crane in a convenient package to update your SOP, COR/SECOR documentation (extra fee for this)

*For the Online programs, the operator receives a certificate of participation only.

**Capacity chart in B.C for knuckle boom cranes is based on the second number from the left on the load chart NOT the initial lift capacity

Payment Methods Accepted end of training day:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Cheque


  • Full payment is due at the end of training day, alternate arrangements may be made.
  • *If any of your operators are day of “no-shows”, we reserve the right to invoice you unless prior notification has been received (72-hours is required)


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