Light Duty Crane E-Learning Programs

Online Instructor Led Training

This Online Crane Safety Training program is delivered on Zoom to students over a 3.5 hour session.  An online exam is given at the end of the presentation.

This is theory only and does NOT include any on-site evaluations.  We can and do provide the evaluations for an additional fee.

Upon completing the virtual program, a certificate of participation is issued to the operator and your company.  Again this does not provide full certification as there has been no practical evaluation by our instructor.

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  • All of our certification programs are always available on-site, which is up to 8-hours in duration depending on the number of students attending 
  • Approximate time required for the theory program is 3.5 hours including theory exam

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*NOTE you must always determine if eLearning is accepted in your province prior to signing up your operators for the eLearning (theory) aspect of this program.

  • Due to the variety of provincial standards, we refer to CSA Z150.3-2017 as reference.  We are not able to cover all crane models, brands and installation types, ours is simply control reference of the crane at it’s basic level. 
  • It is up to an appointed individual within your company to ensure competency as well as follow up on practical use of the crane.
  • This program like ALL online program are theory only.  It is NOT is a standard 3-year certification by OHS standards.  It is not possible to offer a renewable certification with theory only. 
  • Our instructor led program where the operators are following a process then each participant will receive a 3 year renewable certification.

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