One element that ANY crane operator must know PRIOR to a lift, is…weight of the object being lifted.

Just by saying that “We lift the same items over and over and we get the weight from the vendors website, bill of lading, etc.”  This is no longer acceptable methods.

By all accounts the ONLY acceptable method of determining accuracy of the item…is by weighing it (OHS standards 69, Alberta).

JE Series Scale


  • Aluminum housing
  • Large, Bright LED display with 40mm height
  • Infrared control with Peak Hold – Tare – Zero & Total Function


  • Wireless handheld indicator
  • Printer





Technical Details:

  • Accuracy – OIML R76
  • Time to stable reading <8s
  • Maximum safe load 125% F.S
  • Limited overload 400% F.S
  • Overload alarm – 100% F.S
  • Operating temperature range – Minus 10 degrees C- 60 degrees C

Capacities Available:  2,000 Kg | 3,000 Kg | 5,000 Kg | 10,000 Kg

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