micro crane operator training This Single Boom Crane Certification Program

Is for anyone who operates these single boom cranes that typically lift less than 3,000 Kg up close.  

These Single Folding Boom Cranes Are Often Overlooked for Picker Certification.

These little cranes based on their load chart, may lift in excess of 3,000 KG up close and 750 kg @ the maximum reach near 5.5 m or more!  That is a significant amount of weight and if not used properly can often result in unwanted situations.

Our on-site, single boom crane operator safety program WILL provide your operators with the proper procedures to ensure safe use of the light crane, best operating practice, maintenance overview, visual inspections, record keeping and more.

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We provide our same industry leading program to this little, but mighty crane.  It goes without saying, industry has long overlooked the need but that is changing rapidly.  Secure you training and certification soon.