Frequently Asked Questions PageThis Frequently Asked Questions Page May Help Answer Some of Your Questions.

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Q: Where Are You Located?
A: We are based in the Edmonton and Calgary Region.

Q: Can We Come to Your Office for Training?
A: No, our aim is to keep your costs as low as possible, our training is done at your location only.

Q: Is There a Travel Charge?
A: Yes, travel to your location is charged at $.55 per km from either Edmonton or Calgary city centre, That is all we charge for.  We do NOT charge for a return.

Q: Do You Charge To Stay Overnight?
A: We charge local accommodation rates + 10% to cover admin costs, nothing more. Alternatively if it is a camp stay that you provide then no or if you have corporate rates negotiated with specific motels and arrange our stay, we do not charge.

Q: What CSA Standard is Used to Determine The Safe Operation of Knuckle Boom Cranes?
A: CSA Z150.3-2022, Specifically set up as The Safety code on articulating boom cranes.  To purchase your copy please click HERE

Q: What OHS Standards Do You Use?
A: OHS in AlbertaSection 6... An employer must ensure that a lifting device is only operated by a competent worker authorized by the employer to operate the equipment,” and “… an employer must insure that rigging to be used during the work shift is inspected thoroughly at the beginning of the shift to insure that it is functional and safe.” 

(Source: Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code – Part 6, 64 (1); Part 21, 294 ).

Q: Can You Really Show a New Operator How To Use a Crane in a One Day Course?
A: Yes and No.  We can NOT make you a proficient operator in one day, as it is  not possible.  That takes time.  Our 3-core principles provides your operator the foundation of crane safety to build on. 

It’s up to you to ensure you always have a “competent“, informed operator at the controls at all times.

Q: What is The Requirements in Alberta to Operate a Light Duty Knuckle Boom Picker?
A: For The Answer in detail, click HERE scroll to page 12 for more, but the short answer is:
– Knuckle Boom Cranes [without a winch]An articulating boom without live lines (No Winch), that has a lifting capacity greater than 8-TONS (7.3 tonnes) and less than 65 tons (58.9 tonnes) requires a trade registered operator.
– Knuckle Boom Cranes [with a winch] –  An Articulating boom possessing live lines that has a lifting capacity greater than 5-TONS (4.5 tonnes) and less than 65 tons (58.9 tonnes)

Q: What is The Requirements in Alberta to Operate a Carry Deck Crane?
A: For a detailed, current as of 2022 ‘overview’, you will need to read SKILLED TRADES AND APPRENTICESHIP EDUCATION ACT, scroll to page 97 which outlines the regulations.  Then on page 99 of the same ACT, there is a definition for a hydraulic mobile crane as “has a lifting capacity of 15 tons (13.6 tonnes) or greater.

Q: What is the Requirements in Saskatchewan to Operate a Light Duty Picker?
A: Saskatchewan requirements are as follows:

  • Section 13-6(5)(b) is where you will want to reference. 
  • Section 13-6 is in its entirety the requirements for training for cranes. 
  • Has been interpreted as 8-hours of class instruction and 8 hours of practical instruction
  • Rigging is NOT included in this aspect, that is another full day
  • The competency requirement is incumbent on the employer and may require the operator to have 100 hours on the operation of the crane, NOT the truck as that is a separate item.
  • As you read through though, the size of your crane is the specifics for the training requirements. 5-tonnes being the division line, above 5-tonnes requires more days and more training. Under 5-tonnes, requires that you provide sufficient training for your operators outlined per Table 16, but does not specify a timeline.

Q: What is the Apprenticeship Requirements in Manitoba to Operate a Light Duty Picker?
A: Click HERE For Details

Q: Do You Provide Confirm Operator Competency?
A:  No, we provide a “crane operator safety” program only, competency is determined by the employer. 

For more Information or to discuss your situation Contact us HERE

Q: Do I Need a Crane Scale On My Crane?
A: Technically You Don’t, However in Alberta, OHS standard Section 6 (68) states:

Load Weight: An employer must ensure that the operator of the lifting device, the rigger supervised by the operator and the person in charge of a lift are provided with all the information necessary to enable them to readily and accurately determine the weight of the load to be lifted.
Lift calculation: 68.1 An employer must ensure that a lift calculation is completed for any lift exceeding 75 percent of a crane’s rated capacity.

Q: How Many Students can we work with in one Day?
A: For the 1 day program our minimum is 4 Operators to a safe maximum of *15 (with 2 cranes)

Q: Do You Do Saturday Training Sessions?
A: Yes we do at no additional cost to you.

Q: What Are the regulations in BC for Operators?
A: We are able to train your BC operators as long as your crane meets the following criteria; Does NOT lift more than 5-tons, does NOT have more than 29′ of boom reach.
A: In BC, if your crane lifts more than shown above, you are required to be certified by BCACS
A: In AB, SK & MB, while there is no “Legislation” that mandate any formal “training” for knuckle boom cranes under guidelines set out above, you are required to provide specific training for specific equipment (cranes).

Q: Is your program recognized in BC?
A: BC has it’s own crane rating or classification and they do NOT recognize out of province for these classifications UNLESS it is a red-seal operator ticket. If your operations are based in B.C, you must take the BCACS sanctioned program.

HOWEVER IF your crane lifts LESS THAN 5-tons and has 25′ of reach or LESS, they have no issue with ANY type of safety training and it falls under provincial OHS standards which WILL acknowledge ANY form of safety training. 

*NOTE they do NOT endorse any out of province vendors of crane training.

Q: How Much Notice Do You Require For Cancellation?
A: We Require 72-Hours notice prior to cancellation or we reserve the right to charge the entire amount.  If a student is a no show, we do charge for that unless we have had proper notice.

Q: Is This The Same as “Overhead Cranes”?
A: No, Overhead Cranes Lift Completely Different, Using a Winch Line Suspended Beneath Two Large Beams on a trolley.