Carry Deck Crane Safety Training

Our 1-day on site only training program for Carry Deck cranes UP to 15-tons.

Our program will instruct all operators on the key specific items to ensure safe use for the operator and those within the lift zone.  This is for all carry deck cranes that is used by – pipe fitters, steam fitters, welders, millwrights and yard support personnel. 

We provide training services in Alberta and Saskatchewan primarily but will travel to other provinces as necessary. 

If your crane lifts more than 15-tons, you MUST have a trade registered operator on the controls, please click HERE, click on “Overview” and the details are outlined there.

Please contact us HERE for more or call us at (587) 209-2589

In this program your operator will be provided the following information:

  • Understand the capability of the Carry Deck Crane
  • Understand the Safety Systems of the Carry Deck Crane
  • Crane Specific Pre-Use Inspection Forms
  • Safety Regulations & Standards
  • Carry Deck Crane Fundamentals
  • Preventative Maintenance & Procedures
  • Principles of Balance, Stability & Capacity
  • Safe Operations for Applicable Designations

At the end of the program if successful your operators will receive:

  • Certificate (3 year renewal period)
  • Laminated Wallet Card
  • End of day training summary
  • Full documentation provided to update your COR/SECOR/Insurance files

Course Overview:

  • 1 day in duration
  • Morning Theory (approx. 3.5 hours)
  • Afternoon practical (until completion)
  • Manual and test provided

Contact us via email HERE 

If your crane is larger than 15-tons in Capacity, according to SKILLED TRADES AND APPRENTICESHIP EDUCATION ACT you will be required to have a trade registered operator run the crane.  Crane and Hoisting Equipment Operator- Mobile Crane Operator Branch of the act is recommended reading for ALL crane owners.