If you Operate any Brand of Mechanic Service Crane We Provide Operator Safe Use Program For That Crane.

For Our On-Site, Corner Mount Mechanic Service Crane Safety Training

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Mechanics Corner Mount Service Crane Operators, new and experienced will benefit from this training by following this comprehensive 1-day program.

This course will help each individual to learn the proper operation of Mechanic Service Truck Cranes and the requirements needed to operate them safely.

Many of the manufactures from Stellar, AutoCrane, IMT, Palfinger, Venturo and more all provide top quality products. Why not keep it that way, by giving your operators the ability to reduce maintenance costs, keep your investment in top operating condition by providing them with our operator safe use program.  The course duration is 1-day and is done at your location.

Mechanic Service Crane Safety program will cover the following subject matter:

  • OSHA standards and ASME regulations/State agency requirements
  • Responsibilities of operator, site supervisor, lift director, rigger/signaller
  • Inspections, Testing, Maintenance – Daily, Frequent, Periodic
  • Crane and Outrigger Set-up, Levelling Procedures and Barricades
  • Operating near power lines/electrical hazards/danger zone
  • Operational Aids: LMI Systems, Computers, Anti-Two Blocking Devices
  • Static / Dynamic Loads, Drift and boom Deflection
  • Centre of Gravity, Radius, Boom Length, Boom Angle
  • Load rating chart interpretation
  • Sling Inspection Procedures/Care and Maintenance
  • Crane Signals-Hand, Verbal and Radio
  • Best Practices and Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Upon Completion Students Will Receive:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Wallet card 

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