Remote Control - Hand unit

Courtesy of Hetronic Remote Control Systems

This Page Was Added so That You Can Locate Vendors to Talk to About Radio Remote Controls for Your Particular Crane Application.

Knuckle boom cranes are THE best to operate using radio remote controls.  They are not meant to stand beside them, that is the least safest place to be.  When you are walking with the load, you are in full control, you know where the load was and where it is going to.  A knuckle boom crane is designed to be run using this system, they have come down in price and are highly reliable as well.  These are for your reference or direct contact as we do not distribute any of these products.


Joystick Remote Control

Cranes that typically have the remote control from factory are: 

  • Overhead Cranes
  • Mechanics Truck Corner Mount Cranes – HERE

Where to Buy Remote Control Systems: