Light Duty Crane Training in Alberta and Saskatchewan

If your Company Has Any of the Cranes Shown in The Photo and You Want Training for Them. We provide On-Site training for your operators no matter where you are located in Alberta or Saskatchewan! Knuckle boom cranes are the most common of them, they are very versatile, are generally installed on a variety of trucks, equipment, boats, and so much more!  The brands we have trained our customers on are HIAB, Palfinger, Fassi, Ferrari, Copma and more!   Knuckle Boom Crane Safety Training The bigger your crane becomes it’s likely to have remote control on it for operations and this is by far the BEST scenario as you are always moving with the load being handled and not beside the

On-Site Picker Truck Certification & Training

Alberta based picker training company with locations in Edmonton & Calgary to serve you better. Truck mounted knuckle boom cranes, or pickers and boom trucks and most know them as, with a lift capacity of under 8 tons are all covered in this course. In our on site picker truck training course, operators will learn how to properly assess the lift site, set up the picker truck for the safest lift, inspect the structure of the picker itself and then the actual frame work or sub-frame of the truck they are mounted on, including their safety systems and familiarizing participants with the crane limitations. We take all of your operators through best practices, safety legislation and the core fundamentals of

How did we get Here – Picker Safety Training

Picker Stability is it part of Picker Safety Training? So from time to time we get sent some great photos of knuckle boom cranes we look at and from a pure picker safety training perspective, would NEVER give out as being Okay to do in your day to day. However this picture shows a crane with the flip-over stabilizers and in this case where the operator requires full stability but is not able to do so were the leg in the standard position. So what does one do then? IN this case, while many look and say no way, the operator has placed the pads underneath the part of the stabilizer beam, just under the leg itself to be used

Alberta Knuckle Boom Picker Requirements

Here in Alberta our regulation is any crane with a lift capacity of LESS than 8-tons, you do NOT need a trade registered operator. So what do I mean?  Any light duty picker like a HIAB or Palfinger, Fassi or similar truck mounted crane, it’s all voluntary to have your operator take any type of “training” to ensure they stay safe.  BUT according to Alberta OH&S, owners of a business that use a crane or similar to unload material beit their own or for others, needs to provide their operator with the proper tools and ‘training’ to ensure their safety and the safety of others around them. We tell everyone our training is voluntary until something happens then it becomes

Saskatchewan Knuckle Picker Training

Some more clarity on what is necessary in Saskatchewan for small knuckle picker requirements: Per Sask OH&S, small knuckle pickers (less than 5.5-ton), and fall under PME or power mobile equipment. Now I had the talk about “crane” definition but because the cranes we provide training on are LESS than 5-tons, it defaults to PME. SO…that is section 153, part 11 and if you go further and look at table 14.1, it states the company has to ensure the operator is “competent” and provide proper tools and training to ensure the safety of that operator and those surrounding the operator. The Boom truck “A” and Boom truck “B” program applies to ‘stiff boom’ type cranes, be they carry deck, truck