Alberta based picker training company with locations in Edmonton & Calgary to serve you better.Picker Truck Training in Alberta

Truck mounted knuckle boom cranes, or pickers and boom trucks and most know them as, with a lift capacity of under 8 tons are all covered in this course.

In our on site picker truck training course, operators will learn how to properly assess the lift site, set up the picker truck for the safest lift, inspect the structure of the picker itself and then the actual frame work or sub-frame of the truck they are mounted on, including their safety systems and familiarizing participants with the crane limitations.

We take all of your operators through best practices, safety legislation and the core fundamentals of operation with the on-site picker truck training and certification. Finally each participant will have to complete an afternoon operational test to acquire their picker truck certification.

In Canada we have CSA Z150.3-11 which is the standards set out by CSA on proper use of the the truck mounted picker brands like HIAB or Palfinger, Fassi and the rest are made to a specific EN code, but for operating the cranes we have CSA in Canada and each province has its own interpretation of standards based on the CSA code.

It’s very important you select a teaching company that knows these inside and out and relays that to your picker operators.  We have 1000’s of successful participants and 100’s of companies that have given us testimonials and we’re happy to share those with you anytime.

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Remember NOT all training is created equally, our instructors are factory trained, you do want that don’t you?