Crew Truck Picker Certification Program

We offer a 1-day, crew truck picker certification program that allows you to bring us to your location, use your crane to keep the operators familiar with the crane type, and then once they pass the exam and practical evaluation, the operators will be certified UP to the the Provincial weight restriction allowance, which I’ve outlined below for reference. Weight Restriction on Pickers by Western Province: Alberta -> Up to 8-tons in weight capacity (or 5-tons if you add or have a boom winch installed that has a 5-ton, single part line pull capacity). B.C -> Up to 5-tons in maximum lift capacity Saskatchewan -> Up to 5-tons maximum lift capacity, no boom length restriction as there is in B.C.

On-Site Picker Truck Certification & Training

Alberta based picker training company with locations in Edmonton & Calgary to serve you better. Truck mounted knuckle boom cranes, or pickers and boom trucks and most know them as, with a lift capacity of under 8 tons are all covered in this course. In our on site picker truck training course, operators will learn how to properly assess the lift site, set up the picker truck for the safest lift, inspect the structure of the picker itself and then the actual frame work or sub-frame of the truck they are mounted on, including their safety systems and familiarizing participants with the crane limitations. We take all of your operators through best practices, safety legislation and the core fundamentals of

Picker Truck Operator Training

There comes a time when handing the keys of a $150,000 and up oilfield service truck has to send shivers down the spine of owner who had to hire based on availability. We don’t just ask you to bring a 4′ level to the training, what for?  There is NO way you can level any picker truck unless the ground is flat.  How many times I hear this makes it even more clear, there are those teaching this program who have no idea what they are doing.  When you have one set of outriggers, how do you expect to have a level vehicle?  it’s much like letting most of the air out of the driver side tires and expecting the

Edmonton Knuckleboom Crane Operator Program

We’ve done tremendous amounts of training “on-site” and that’s not about to change.  In fact, we are one of the very few companies that come directly to your location, train on your cranes and save you significant revenue and eliminate downtime by coming to you. So far in 2013, we have saved 9-companies the need to shut down for a full day, send their crew to the Cedar Park Inn and all the added costs, make it a better choice to simply come to you and do all that is required to safety train. We also travel to the following areas: Grande Prairie Fox Creek Ft. St John Fort McMurray Lloydminster and many more Call us at (844) 334-8847 or