We offer a 1-day, crew truck picker certification program that allows you to bring us to your location, use your crane to keep the operators familiar with the crane type, and then once they pass the exam and practical evaluation, the operators will be certified UP to the the Provincial weight restriction allowance, which I’ve outlined below for reference.

Weight Restriction on Pickers by Western Province:

  • Alberta -> Up to 8-tons in weight capacity (or 5-tons if you add or have a boom winch installed that has a 5-ton, single part line pull capacity).
  • B.C -> Up to 5-tons in maximum lift capacity
  • Saskatchewan -> Up to 5-tons maximum lift capacity, no boom length restriction as there is in B.C.

Brands of pickers we provide certification on are:

  • Palfinger Knuckle boom cranes
  • Hiab knuckle boom cranes
  • Fassi Knuckle boom cranes
  • Ferarri knuckle boom cranes
  • Amco Veba knuckle boom cranes
  • Copma knuckle boom cranes
  • HC knuckle boom cranes
  • All cranes that have remote controls are also included

Picker Certification Program Overview:

3.5 hours of theory in the morning session covering items such as ->

  • Load chart identification and how to read and interpret
  • Stability and proper use of stabilizer system of the picker, also what happens if you don’t do it right
  • Crane components and how to use them properly
  • OHS standards
  • CSA standards
  • What is an NDT certification and how does it apply to cranes and what it isn’t
  • Operator responsibilities
  • Company responsibilities
  • Remote control process with knuckle boom pickers

Afternoon practical evaluation will include the following items and more not shown below:

  • Pre-use inspection items
  • Proper set up process
  • Proper sizing of stabilizer pads (yes one size does not fit all)
  • Proper sequence of unfolding and folding the picker (why accidents happen more often in this process)
  • Proper crane positioning
  • Proper operator position (manual controls and remote control location)
  • And significantly more

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*NOTE – this program does NOT include any rigging certification aspect.