Training During COVID19

COVID19 Updates UPDATE – June 24, 2020: We have eased the requirements for use of masks and gloves for our on-site training and although we still recommend that the operators be seated 1 m apart during the morning theory as well as similar for the afternoon practical, we do follow your companies own protocols that may be in place as we transition between phased openings. Please understand, we ARE available and providing our on-site program and may at our own discretion, use masks and gloves during the training. Thank you ———————– UPDATE – May 22nd, 2020: We trust everyone that is open remains safe, diligent and as busy as one is able to at the present time. Our protocol is

Light Duty Crane Training in Alberta and Saskatchewan

If your Company Has Any of the Cranes Shown in The Photo and You Want Training for Them. We provide On-Site training for your operators no matter where you are located in Alberta or Saskatchewan! Knuckle boom cranes are the most common of them, they are very versatile, are generally installed on a variety of trucks, equipment, boats, and so much more!  The brands we have trained our customers on are HIAB, Palfinger, Fassi, Ferrari, Copma and more!   Knuckle Boom Crane Safety Training The bigger your crane becomes it’s likely to have remote control on it for operations and this is by far the BEST scenario as you are always moving with the load being handled and not beside the

Do You Need Crane Training?

For Crane Training in Alberta, Saskatchewan or NWT, actually all across Canada we have a CSA “Standard” that each Province in Canada will take it’s own “standard” from to develop respective OH&S standards for. While there is no “laws” per-se as we are always asked about in many phone calls, there is the minimum standard required to provide specific training for specific tools.   Did you know that OH&S officers have the power to charge you or your operator with a criminal offence if warranted.  If that doesn’t get one thinking nothing truly will. A crane gets no more specific to lifting than does a Rigid 300 power thread unit to…well threading pipe, it simply doesn’t.   Some of the training that

How did we get Here – Picker Safety Training

Picker Stability is it part of Picker Safety Training? So from time to time we get sent some great photos of knuckle boom cranes we look at and from a pure picker safety training perspective, would NEVER give out as being Okay to do in your day to day. However this picture shows a crane with the flip-over stabilizers and in this case where the operator requires full stability but is not able to do so were the leg in the standard position. So what does one do then? IN this case, while many look and say no way, the operator has placed the pads underneath the part of the stabilizer beam, just under the leg itself to be used

Drayton Valley Knuckle Picker Training

So you need to have H2S, Maybe confined space, first aid for sure and then ground disturbance, UTV/ATV training but yet, one of the items used by some companies the most, don’t have any picker training done as it’s not required! So is UTV/ATV necessary?  When was the last time you experienced an H2S release?  Last time you went into a confined space area?  But unless you are forced to get a picker safety ticket it ain’t gonna happen right? Do you know how much your crane can lift?  How high?  How Far, How Stable, Which areas are least/most stable?  You starting to see the picture? So, there is a saying, don’t make it about the money or you won’t

Edmonton Knuckleboom Crane Operator Program

We’ve done tremendous amounts of training “on-site” and that’s not about to change.  In fact, we are one of the very few companies that come directly to your location, train on your cranes and save you significant revenue and eliminate downtime by coming to you. So far in 2013, we have saved 9-companies the need to shut down for a full day, send their crew to the Cedar Park Inn and all the added costs, make it a better choice to simply come to you and do all that is required to safety train. We also travel to the following areas: Grande Prairie Fox Creek Ft. St John Fort McMurray Lloydminster and many more Call us at (844) 334-8847 or