For Crane Training in Alberta, Saskatchewan or NWT, actually all across Canada we have a CSA “Standard” that each Province in Canada will take it’s own “standard” from to develop respective OH&S standards for.

While there is no “laws” per-se as we are always asked about in many phone calls, there is the minimum standard required to provide specific training for specific tools.  

Did you know that OH&S officers have the power to charge you or your operator with a criminal offence if warranted.  If that doesn’t get one thinking nothing truly will.

A crane gets no more specific to lifting than does a Rigid 300 power thread unit to…well threading pipe, it simply doesn’t.  

Some of the training that also isn’t required to do business is the following:

  • H2S
  • Confined Space
  • Fall protection
  • Ground Disturbance
  • Bear Aware
  • First Aid
  • And on.

But wait you say, if I don’t have those “tickets” I can’t get onto the customers site!!!  Ahhh, so it’s up to your customers NOT the law.  There is NO laws that state you have to have any of the listed “certificates” anywhere, but it is very good business practice to have them.  

Yet I ask you if you look at all of the tickets you are required to have in Alberta to work on a lease site or really, any site now how many of them have you actually used day-2-day?  Yet…you have a crane on a truck and it’s used either daily or when needed but companies are resistant to this very crane training by saying: “We do in-house training“, Good glad to hear it now can you tell me where you took your training some may ask?    Again we hear “Online” (no joke), “From a friend” or “From the dealer” (a whopping 2 hours worth) or “I’ve operated every type of equipment ever made by man and haven’t had an accident” (another interesting statement), and on.

So suffice it to say, due to the fact your operators have never had an accident means they have no bad habits correct?  It means the person who “trained” them in-house has all the current factory insight and is very current on the specific standard for the [insert any equipment here] correct?  You have a valid and proper daily operator checklist that is actually more than 5 questions right?  You are current with your insurance company documents yes? 

Listen, you might say bitter apples to this post, no worries you are likely not a fit for our training.  However if you say “perhaps we should visit this in detail”, you are a prospect.

Also, pricing…ahh the white elephant in the room, we are by no means the least cost to your company, heck we will tell you who is the cheapest in the provinces, they already know it and are not shy about it.  They also offer that price for a 1/2 day training.  

First aid – full day, H2S – full day, Fall protection – full day, Confined space – full day and you seek to find crane training for a 1/2 to save how much again?  We are definitely NOT a fit to work together. 

We have factory trained instructors, offer full documentation, COR-secor documents, end of day summary and much more, if you don’t see the value we are definitely not a fit to work together.  If you need to meet a budget take the balance of funds from another program, or try the online version fro Hardhat training, it’s a mix of stiff boom crane, RT and others mixed into a “knuckle boom” course.   

So we get right now, cost control IS king, we too are in the same scenario we have lowered our pricing just not going to compete with those who know the value of their programs and if you want factory knuckle boom crane training and are budget capped, call us we have programs for you.

I welcome inquires on our very specific training, but if you are seeking the cheapest, well ask me and I can save you a bunch of time.  We welcome all inquires no matter the ask, contact us HERE.