When it comes time to look into your HIAB picker operator safety training, why not go with the ones who have been trained by HIAB as well as Palfinger.

We’ve been to both factories, one in Perrysburg, U.S.A and the other in Salzburg, Austria.  The course we went on was for more advanced in terms of time and materials by comparison.  We were there for 5 full days in each location and more, so one of the reasons when asked if we have a 1/2 day training, we do but it’s more a safety walk around than a “training” program.

Light picker training is generally regarded as unnecessary and that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Like all training you take, it’s up to you and your manager to ensure you have the proper certification for on-site services you provide.  

If you have an accident at any point with the picker, you will be asked about the training you provided and the certification to support that.  We provide you with all of that and a lot more.  

Our picker training IS recognized by all the operators in the region (WCSB) as well as municipalities, construction and other industries!

Call us at (844) 334-8847 to talk about your training.  You can also get more answers by checking out our FAQ page as well

So lets get to what your operators receive with our training program:

  • 3 year certification
  • wallet card
  • certificate
  • PDF copy of certificate for your records
  • Other documents for insurance and COR/SECOR
  • and more

The state of economics in the WCSB is not good, we now offer a payment program to you but the payment details are given prior to the training.  Ask about our new payment program when you connect with us.  Contact us HERE 

Call us at (844) 334-8847