If your Company Has Any of the Cranes Shown in The Photo and You Want Training for Them.

We provide On-Site training for your operators no matter where you are located in Alberta or Saskatchewan!

Knuckle boom cranes are the most common of them, they are very versatile, are generally installed on a variety of trucks, equipment, boats, and so much more!  The brands we have trained our customers on are HIAB, Palfinger, Fassi, Ferrari, Copma and more!  

Shown unfolded

Knuckle Boom Crane Safety Training

The bigger your crane becomes it’s likely to have remote control on it for operations and this is by far the BEST scenario as you are always moving with the load being handled and not beside the truck it’s installed on, it also gives the operator the best control over the entire lift site! 

There is a lot for the operator to know and understand about operating this type of crane, for more information see our details HERE

You can contact us HERE for more details

Carry Deck Crane Safety Training

The next most popular crane we provide training on is the “carry deck” crane, in Canada it falls under the CSA Z150-16 standard

Consisting of three areas we instruct on:

  • Classroom theory
  • Written exam
  • Afternoon practical – hands on experience

Our course content is delivered through a powerful presentation and interactive field talks. Operators are given workbooks and supplementary handouts that reinforce key learning objectives after training ends.

Light Duty Crane Safety Training is very proud to offer carry deck crane enhanced training and orientation for all brands of carry deck cranes.

Why not give your operators the added benefit by booking training

This program is designed primarily for new operator’s with limited experience, please contact us HERE for more details.

Mechanic Service Body Crane Training

Provided by Autocrane

This is becoming another popular crane training program that we have been offering for the past 3 years to our customers.

The brands we can and have provided our training on is:

  • Stellar cranes
  • Venturo cranes
  • Auto crane
  • Maintainer crane
  • Summit crane
  • Palfiinger crane
  • Tiger cranes and more

With all of the new requirements that keep your company compliant, why not take advantage of the lighter times and bring us out to your shop, saving you money and time!

This is a 6.5 hour course that will ensure your operators are compliant with the CSA and OHS standard in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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Micro Crane Safety Training

Big Max Crane

These are small but mighty little folding boom cranes, they do light work of light loads!

They are not the same as knuckle boom cranes, as they only have one folding boom not two as the larger knuckle boom pickers have.  These are generally installed on pick up type trucks or mounted on the corner of many flat-deck crew trucks.  You may or may not have a winch and remote control, if not you are missing a great opportunity to add more versatility to your little crane.

This course is a 6.5 hour program, please contact us HERE for more details.