Light Duty Picker Training

HIAB Type Light Duty Picker Training in Saskatchewan

It’s no secret that it’s certainly a lot quieter than it has been on the training front, however in Saskatchewan it’s actually picked up (no pun intended).

Seems that businesses that are closer to the US border are seeing an uptick and that is a good thing for us and for them!  

This was out in Southern Saskatchewan and while many businesses are further apart than those in Alberta, the folks are incredible and always willing to learn a thing or three! 

The 1-ton crew truck are by and large, the most popular with cranes by HIAB, Palfinger, Fassi and Amco Veba the most seen and used in the west.  Hiab type light duty picker training in Saskatchewan…or “picker certification” as it’s usually referred to is our bread and butter and we take immense pride in doing it very, very well. 

We have developed some very strong relationships with our customers and will continue to provide the level of service they expect from us.  Our trainers have undergone a very rigid program to ensure they are well versed and understand EVERYTHING about operating an articulated loader crane from one of the best instructors in Canada!

The brands we provide the training on for the most part operate the same way, have a similar PSI or flow in the crane as others and by and large open up the same with a few little exceptions.

That said, the program is set up to be understood at a field level vs.  the boardroom level if that makes sense.  Our head instructor has had the opportunity to work for large corporations and small companies so he has the ability to ensure that all the safety delivered in the safety program, can be implemented at that level.  No big books, no endless walk around, no massive stack of paperwork!  

Is this the right training for your company, well all we can say is call us at (844) 334-8847 or send us an email HERE, what you get in return will pleasantly surprise you.  Oh and don’t hesitate to ask us for training references, we literally have 1000’s of them and our customers are not shy about saying so!