If you operate a #CoilTubing unit and are looking to get your operators certified in Alberta, look no farther than our on-site picker safety training and certification.

We come to your shop and put on our one-day picker program so that your operators will obtain the most current standards set out by CSA as well as Provincial OHS standards.

The morning theory session will be 4 hours in length and there is an exam at the end of the morning session.  We then typically bread for 45-minutes for lunch and immediately afterwards the practical evaluation will begin.

Typically there is not a lot of room on a coil tubing unit for full use of the boom but we make it work so that we can if the boom has enough extension available.

We do a full visual boom inspection and show your operators what they need to be aware of and look for on a boom, load hook, as well as stabilizers and controls of the crane.

We also show them the most critical areas they must be looking at prior to using the crane.  It has become the industry standard in safe use procedures.

Give us a call at (587) 209-2589 to discuss our Coil Tubing Crane Operator Training program, costs and details or send us an email to info [at] KnuckleBoomTraining.ca, our response time is within 2 hours of your email.