One of the concerns I see is that while “overall” issues with the knuckle boom crane have fallen, it’s still #1 on the list around the world.

STABILITYSAE J765 test code is one that is required, oddly in Alberta it is not mandatory as it is in BC.  Many good dealers will bring in a 3rd party engineering company that will test your crane after an install.

The issue we see is the accidents NOT during the testing but once an operator has been on the crane for awhile, complacency is king here and unless you are an engineer yourself, why, just why bother short-jacking the picker?  Don’t have the room, move, don’t have the reach, move or bring in a bigger crane. 

This is the reality but still we see these figure not going away.

There is a simple test you can perform on the ground PRIOR to un-racking the crane, it literally takes 5 minutes to do, then look at the stabilizer pads on your crane, are they the nice plastic 1″  18″ x 18″ on a 20 T/M crane or larger?  If so they are the wrong pads.  The body builder or perhaps even the dealer created a nice little pocket and used these pads as they have 100’s of times in the past. Not knowing any better.

Be smarter, why not have us come in and take a look at your current set up, it may cost you far less than the price of recovery of your crane truck from being dumped over on it’s side or worse.