Knuckle Boom Crane StablePicker Stability is it part of Picker Safety Training?

So from time to time we get sent some great photos of knuckle boom cranes we look at and from a pure picker safety training perspective, would NEVER give out as being Okay to do in your day to day.

However this picture shows a crane with the flip-over stabilizers and in this case where the operator requires full stability but is not able to do so were the leg in the standard position.

So what does one do then?

IN this case, while many look and say no way, the operator has placed the pads underneath the part of the stabilizer beam, just under the leg itself to be used once the crane is over top of that area , the beam itself will begin to flex as it would if the leg was down in the proper operating procedure.

It’s not right, it’s an accepted practice and stress is being placed in the right area, the job was completed without any issue.

We instruct your operators on not only “best practice” of the knuckle boom crane, but in Canada we have very specific CSA standards that each provincial OH&S takes their standards from and they “interpret” accordingly.

Would you trust a company that says they can give you this knowledge in 4 hours?  Maybe you will but I can tell you first hand, if there is an accident in your company and the operator is charged with a criminal offense, it falls upon you the business owner to speak to due diligence.

So much to say, we offer free consultations on best practice for your pickers, why not take advantage of that (it’s an hour of your time and mine), you will learn more in that 1 hour than wasting your money on a 4 hour…something.