The Importance of Proper Equipment Operator Safety Training: Ensuring Compliance and Efficiency

Discover the necessity of equipment operator safety training for cranes lifting over 2000kg. Explore the benefits of picker training and certification in Alberta, including light duty crane training and 1-day light crane certification. Proper equipment operator safety training is crucial for cranes lifting over 2000kg to ensure compliance with industry regulations. Picker training and certification in Alberta provides operators with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate light duty cranes safely. Light duty crane training programs offer efficient and comprehensive training in just one day, leading to light crane certification and improved job performance Introduction When it comes to operating heavy machinery, safety should always be a top priority. In industries where cranes are used to lift loads weighing over

One Ton Picker Truck Crane Ticket

Are you looking to get your operators safety training tickets for your next job? We can help you out by providing our one-day knuckle picker safety training program at your location. We only provide training for groups of 4 or more and our low travel fees keep our one ton picker truck crane ticket within your training budget.  It’s far better for us to come out to you than to send in your crew to us.           Some of what we cover during the one day crane safety training: How to make sure the crane is always properly stabilized in ALL situations How to make sure the stabilizer outrigger pads are properly sized for the ground

Knuckle Boom Crane – Training Issues

So this came out in the news and yes it’s in NYC where unions run the show. But the reporter starts by saying “If they are used to do what they are meant to do” and continues on.  Now what the heck kind of statement is that! They, like any other crane are meant to “lift” stuff and if they have the capacity, stability and the right operator at the controls, they lift what they are desgined to, heavy or not. Watch the report here and you will see what I’m talking about, very poor reporting IMHO. NYC Knuckle Boom Crane So why is the news showing only “stiff boom” cranes and not articulated or knuckle boom cranes? I suspect

Improper Use of Knuckle Boom Crane Stabilizers

This is one of sadly many instances we see make it to youtube but have had dire consequences for the operator and innocent folks standing in a place the operator should have removed them from. It boggles my mind on the inherent dangers people place themselves in just for a front row seat. ALL operators need to be more aware of what is going on and have much better control of that same thing.  When a knuckle boom crane stabilizer system is largely ignored by the operator, it’s really inviting an accident to happen.  It’s not a matter of “IF”, it’s just a matter of “when”. This video is a bit long to watch but the point is yes it

Crane Damage – Hitting Overpass

Although it’s a European chassis, it still goes to show that even with a good installation, the truck won’t stand up against a low bridge and another reason to know your travel height.  The crane boom was up in the air (inner boom) and the outer boom was stowed on the deck, and luck for the operator, this was the worst of it.