Are you looking to get your operators safety training tickets for your next job?

Effer Picker Training

We can help you out by providing our one-day knuckle picker safety training program at your location.

We only provide training for groups of 4 or more and our low travel fees keep our one ton picker truck crane ticket within your training budget.  It’s far better for us to come out to you than to send in your crew to us.






Some of what we cover during the one day crane safety training:

  • How to make sure the crane is always properly stabilized in ALL situations
  • How to make sure the stabilizer outrigger pads are properly sized for the ground conditions
  • How to read the load chart of a crane easily and where to put the crane-truck so you don’t have to move it
  • What boom configuration selection is and how to make sure you have it right
  • What happens if you don’t follow the proper procedures
  • Proper control of the crane at all times
  • Hand signals (basic)
  • Working on a slope, what is the crane rated to?
  • What is the maximum capacity of the crane
  • How to look for potential problems before they happen
  • Load holding safety systems
  • Hose failure safety systems
  • And more

To find out about our program, email me us HERE and we will respond as soon as we are able to.

Remember, the one ton picker truck ticket is good for 3 years and up to 8-tons in crane capacity, per OHS in each province and your operator will receive a wallet card as well as certificate for their files and you will receive the documents in PDF in the event they get misplaced.