Northern Alberta Light Duty Crane Safety Training Program

We have been serving the Northern Alberta region for the past 7 years with our light duty picker safety training as well as the carry deck cranes, mechanic corner mount service cranes (see photos below) and our high voltage powerline warning systems. If your crane falls under the threshold for needing a “ticketed” operator at the controls and you are not sure what other types of training there is for him or her, we are it. The “threshold” in Alberta is 8-tons (knuckle boom crane) or IF your picker comes with a winch that capacity drops to 5-ton winch capacity (single line pull capability). If you are not sure, give us a call with the model of your crane and

HIAB Light Duty Knuckle Picker Training

We often get to see some of the most unique crane applications there are when we do our HIAB picker training.  This one isn’t of a unit in North America, but I wish it was! The unit was designed in NL and not only was it installed on a non-traditional chassis, it’s a combination of tractor, combine chassis and all-terrain vehicle.  The crane is a Palfinger crane with a jib attached for added versatility. The downside to this is portability.  You simply can’t drive it down the roadway, it has to be transported on a truck/trailer combination, but I still think it’s one of the coolest picker units i’ve seen.  I’m not sure of the cost to build this unit,