We made a decision to lower our training rates for 2023 for one reason…

The energy industry has been clawed back for years, now it’s ‘booming’ out there.  We keep hearing and many business owners are saying the same thing: “…Our training budget has been chopped, changed or reduced!”  We are here to help!

The energy industry in Alberta and Saskatchewan is now crazy busy right now.  We are hearing: “Yes it’s busy but we can’t find people, we can’t find people to use the equipment so we are having to change things up and train other employees that haven’t used cranes in the past”.  This is a big challenge for everyone and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

So why are we lowering our light duty crane training rates?  

Simple, not to worry, our format for picker training has changed only a little bit, but we are traveling further and training fewer people on customer sites from previous times.  Budgets for large-scale training have diminished which is an economic outcome of the politics of the world today. 

We now charge a travel fee from our office in Edmonton, so it’s a per km fee only + accommodations if necessary and we now have a minimum charge rate even if there are only 2-3 operators (we do not provide individual training classes). 

This is not a decision we took lightly, given the current upwardly mobile price of fuel, food, even accommodation fees are on the rise.  As a business we can’t afford to absorb these on a continuing basis.

You as the customer won’t be loosing anything at all, in fact you will gain the experience, certification, document control you need all within a tighter budget you have to work with!

It’s a win-win and we all agree, our ‘stuff’ is always worth more to be sure and in some cases where it’s ‘specialized’ as we do also have, our price model hasn’t changed.  Our heart of the line knuckle boom and mechanic service crane training price is what has changed.

Please feel free to contact us for more details, quote for training service, or to find out what we train on HERE.

We look forward to training your operators on all light cranes in Western Canada in the coming year.