Knuckle boom cranes, also known as articulated cranes or ‘picker trucks’, are a very versatile crane that are most commonly used in construction, oil and gas, industrial, and marine settings.

In Canada, it is important for operators of these cranes to be properly trained in order to ensure the safety of themselves, their coworkers, and the public at large.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) states that operators of cranes and other heavy equipment must be trained and certified in accordance with the regulations set out by the province or territory in which they are working. In most cases, this includes completing a training program that covers topics such as crane components and operation, load handling, and emergency procedures.

Light duty knuckle boom cranes, in particular, are smaller versions of these larger cranes that are typically used in tight spaces or for lighter loads. You will find the smaller cranes installed on lighter truck chassis that offer basic driver’s license requirements.  Due to their smaller size and different capabilities, operators of light duty knuckle boom cranes may require specialized light duty crane training programs.

To find training programs for light duty knuckle boom crane operators in Canada, it is recommended to start by checking with the relevant regulatory body in your province or territory. Many organizations such as the Construction Safety Association of Ontario, the British Columbia Institute of Technology as well as we also offer certification and training for light crane operation.

It’s also important for operators to stay up to date with any changes to regulations and industry best practices. This can be done by regularly participating in continuing education and refresher training programs.  The reason that certification lasts 3 years vs taking a red-seal apprenticeship program is just that, information.  OHS has stated that course requirements, training, standards, etc. all can possibly change so to stay ahead of that, fill in our newsletter pop up form and we’ll do our best to take the confusion out of the programs.

In summary, light duty knuckle boom crane training in Canada is an important step in ensuring the safe operation of these machines. By completing a certified training program and staying up to date with industry best practices, operators can protect themselves and those around them while effectively using these versatile tools.

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