We have changed our phone number and address to reflect our recent move. Please be sure you update those details on your end.

It has been an interesting past few months, with Alberta pretty well removing any restrictions regarding COVID protocols, we remain diligent but also respect all of our clients own protocols and such.

For more information please contact us HERE via email or call us to discuss your needs.

Moving forward, there has been a surge of activity in the energy sectors as well as municipal sector and we sure hope that this remains in place for the balance of 2021 and onward.

We also realize there is likely to be an election called in the fall by the Federal Liberal government and while this is not a page for politics, it’s certainly been a challenge to grow the energy sector under the current government however we must remain positive that it will not just remain status quo but will expand. I remain optimistic and look to the Alberta government to take the action necessary to see this continued investment in Alberta.

Much success to everyone in Canada no matter the situation.