Alberta Knuckle Boom Picker Certification

What Is Required for Certification in Alberta to Operate a Knuckle Boom Picker? This is one question we are asked, emailed about is; “What certification is do I need to operate knuckle boom cranes legally in Alberta?”. While there is no ‘legal’ requirement, there is an OHS standard that if not interpreted properly, could lead to legal issues if an OHS officer investigates a recordable incident where an individual has been injured or worse.  OHS officers have had the legal power to issue a civil fine or charge to companies or individuals that have incorrectly performed their job if it was proven to be negligent.  “Picker certification” of often misunderstood as being a trade (like journeyman electrician, plumber, welder, etc.),

Light Duty Picker Certification for Operators

We offer what is known by many as picker certification, however it’s more than just that. One question we are asked many times, is what is the law about picker training certification?  The not so simple answer is there is NO law, just as there are no laws about your having to have your operators certified in H2S, confined space entry, fall arrest, first aid, etc.  Now before you back out of the post and say we are crazy, these are all standards your customer, OHS in your respective province and you as an employer must provide to your employees! The crane you now own, is very much a specific tool that you purchased to do a job and like

New Courses and Updates

We have changed our phone number and address to reflect our recent move. Please be sure you update those details on your end. It has been an interesting past few months, with Alberta pretty well removing any restrictions regarding COVID protocols, we remain diligent but also respect all of our clients own protocols and such. For more information please contact us HERE via email or call us to discuss your needs. Moving forward, there has been a surge of activity in the energy sectors as well as municipal sector and we sure hope that this remains in place for the balance of 2021 and onward. We also realize there is likely to be an election called in the fall by

Reading and Understanding Crane Load Charts

I recently posted a brief summary on how to read load charts on Linkedin.  You can see it HERE. However I did not go into great detail on how to read knuckle boom crane load charts, I simply went over the “other” information that they provided. So ill go into greater detail, but still in short form here so that that there is greater clarity.  Because we specialize in light duty knuckle crane training, the information applies directly to that type of crane. The one dimension load chart above shows the following information: Crane model – 210.5 or 21.5 Meter/tonne rated crane NOT a 21-Ton crane Shows the capacity of the crane in both metric and imperial capacities When you

Picker Truck Operator Training

There comes a time when handing the keys of a $150,000 and up oilfield service truck has to send shivers down the spine of owner who had to hire based on availability. We don’t just ask you to bring a 4′ level to the training, what for?  There is NO way you can level any picker truck unless the ground is flat.  How many times I hear this makes it even more clear, there are those teaching this program who have no idea what they are doing.  When you have one set of outriggers, how do you expect to have a level vehicle?  it’s much like letting most of the air out of the driver side tires and expecting the

Does Your Company Need Crane Training?

I get asked this question many times over and the answer hasn’t changed.  There are (at the time of this update), no Provincial requirements that mandate your company to take the awareness program we provide. All knuckle boom instruction is voluntary only.  If you are told by anyone who sells cranes that you are required to have training of any sort (particularity in Saskatchewan), I would ask them to provide you with Provincially mandated proof! I get someone wants to sell you a training program, we will never “Lie” to you or mis-lead you in any way.  You either want the program as part of your pro-active COR or safety recognition program, or you don’t. Suffice it to say, good