What Is Required for Certification in Alberta to Operate a Knuckle Boom Picker?

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This is one question we are asked, emailed about is; “What certification is do I need to operate knuckle boom cranes legally in Alberta?”.

While there is no ‘legal’ requirement, there is an OHS standard that if not interpreted properly, could lead to legal issues if an OHS officer investigates a recordable incident where an individual has been injured or worse.  OHS officers have had the legal power to issue a civil fine or charge to companies or individuals that have incorrectly performed their job if it was proven to be negligent.  “Picker certification” of often misunderstood as being a trade (like journeyman electrician, plumber, welder, etc.), and that is ‘ticketed” vs certified which you would think about like first aid, fall arrest, ground disturbance, light duty crane certification programs like ours.

There is so much to this one topic alone but suffice it to say, the ‘certification to operate a knuckle boom picker” in Alberta could fall under the trades program, meaning if the crane can lift more than 8-tons up close, you need to look at having a trade operator at the controls.

IF the crane lifts less than 8-tons, then based on the Alberta OHS standard (same applies in other provinces as well), the owner of the business is required to provide training for that device.

Does that mean you are legally required, well interpretation is key here.  If you say no need and have an incident, then you as the business owner can be held liable as would your operator.  No longer nor has it been okay to say “I didn’t know that”.  

Our program covers your company IF your picker is under the 8-ton lift capacity in Alberta or 5-tons in Saskatchewan and we also train in BC with certain parameters that have to be met.

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To find out more about getting your boom truck picker ticket, click HERE to go to the NAIT website.