Crane Training Saskatchewan

So there has been a tremendous amount of confusion by the people who run pickers in Saskatchewan.  The phone calls we have gotten have also left us confused until we go ahold of the right person. The picker crane (knuckle boom crane) in Saskatchewan is now or has been called PME or power mobile equipment, same category as a small mechanic service crane (corner mount), or small carry deck crane (think Broderson) and other small cranes, less than 5-ton in Capacity. So according to OH&S in most provinces in Canada as long as the company can ensure the operator of the equipment is competent and provides the proper training and tools, they have done to the best of their ability,

SATCC – Saskatchewan Picker Truck Information

I’ve been hearing about a company that provides knuckle boom training in SK, is advising companies that OH&S in SK is saying it is mandatory to have knuckle boom training in that province and that once you are trained in their program, you can then operate any knuckle boom crane.  This is simply NOT TRUE! Click HERE to review the information directly from OH&S Sask and read the NOTICE 1/8 down the page, “They do NOT certify, endorse or recommend any one company”. We will never advise you of anything other than, our training is the best there is. The conversation I just had with SATCC (Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission) has indicated the following: “SATCC doesn’t have any requirements