Less Stable Than Back of Cab

I’ve been hearing about a company that provides knuckle boom training in SK, is advising companies that OH&S in SK is saying it is mandatory to have knuckle boom training in that province and that once you are trained in their program, you can then operate any knuckle boom crane.  This is simply NOT TRUE!

Click HERE to review the information directly from OH&S Sask and read the NOTICE 1/8 down the page, “They do NOT certify, endorse or recommend any one company”. We will never advise you of anything other than, our training is the best there is.

The conversation I just had with SATCC (Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission) has indicated the following:

SATCC doesn’t have any requirements for operating a knuckle boom in Saskatchewan. If the lifting device falls into the scope of a designated trade or subtrade, SATCC offers training and certification.

The Crane and Hoist Operator trade/subtrades are not compulsory, but they are regulated by Occupational Health & Safety. OH&S has stated their requirements in their acts/regulations. OH&S has requirements such as “competent operator” and “qualified operator” for the operation of a crane or power mobile equipment. A qualified operator is an apprentice or journeyperson for the trade/subtrade of the crane they are operating, a competent operator has met the requirements of Table 16 in the OH&S regulations.

You are correct to say that an operator of a crane under 5 ton does not need to be qualified operator. For a crane to fall under the scope of the sub-trade Boom Truck Operator “B” (up to and including 15.5 tons), it is required to have “(iii) incorporate a power drum and wire rope” (The Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission Regulations, Section 58 (b)).

If your knuckle boom trucks fall under this scope, you can apprentice the operator. SATCC would have to review the company training for credit, but that is all it would likely be, technical training hour credits (8 hours).

SATCC and OH&S do work together regarding powered mobile equipment/cranes to ensure consistency. Since OH&S is the regulatory body for this equipment, this question is best for them to answer. They will be the people on site checking the requirements to operate this equipment.

You can contact the Occupational Heath and Safety Division of the Saskatchewan Minstry of Labour and Workplace Safety toll-free at 1.800.567.7233.

Meanwhile, if you need more information regarding the Crane and Hoist Operator trade/sub-trades or have any other questions, please feel free to contact Dean Frey in our Program Development area at (306) 933-5076.”