Light Duty Picker Certification for Operators

We offer what is known by many as picker certification, however it’s more than just that. One question we are asked many times, is what is the law about picker training certification?  The not so simple answer is there is NO law, just as there are no laws about your having to have your operators certified in H2S, confined space entry, fall arrest, first aid, etc.  Now before you back out of the post and say we are crazy, these are all standards your customer, OHS in your respective province and you as an employer must provide to your employees! The crane you now own, is very much a specific tool that you purchased to do a job and like

Light Picker Certification in Grande Prairie

Looking for Light Duty Knuckleboom Crane Training Program in the Grande Prairie Area? We’ve helped thousands of  operators and hundreds of companies train their operators on proper, safe use of the articulated loader (picker) cranes.   Our light duty knuckle picker training is 1-day in duration and that is all that is needed.   Contact us at (844) 334-8847 The program is for ANY knuckle boom crane that lifts LESS THAN 8-tons in capacity in Alberta.  Coverage is based out of Edmonton for this training we travel to your shop and provide your company with this program that is CRANE SPECIFIC, not a one size fits all.  We now provide training for BC based customers! We bring everything needed to your