I have been taking a lot of calls from folks in Saskatchewan who are looking for clarity on what is required there.

I have updated our “Questions” page with the full details, you can get there by clicking Questions tab or click HERE.

The gist of it is this:

  1. It doesn’t matter whom you take your training from as long as they understand knuckle boom crane dynamic boom loading
  2. As long as they understand dynamic chassis loading from the crane
  3. As long as they have worked for a knuckle-boom crane manufacturer or taken training from them to give it to you PROPERLY
  4. Your crane must not lift more than 5-tons initial lift capacity, if it does your operators are required to be registered in the Saskatchewan boom truck trade (A or B)

So what you need to provide to your operators:

  1. Proper training on THAT type of crane by someone qualified to do so (we are)
  2. That company must provide you with a summary of what you will be receiving prior to the training 
  3. Must meet the OH&S requirements as set forth in Saskatchewan
  4. Can be either 1 or 2 day training

For more information, please visit http://www.saskatchewan.ca/work or click on our questions tab across the top of our site

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