How Much Does It Weigh?

Ive been around knuckle boom cranes for well over 20 years and as such, have found one thing very odd about them… You never really know just how much you are lifting do you?  Out of all the training we do, I challenge each of the students to “guess” as closely as they can, just how much the product they lift all day, every day weighs.  And guess what…all of them get it wrong!  That was the most amazing thing and still is to this day. I happen to come along an item in the Alberta OH & S guidelines, Part 6, code section 68, (68.1) to be exact and I quote: “An employer must ensure that the operator of

Crane Weight Scales – Do You Really Need Them?

When we teach knuckle boom crane safety training programs around Western Canada, there is a very common theme among all of the business owners and operators.  Over 90% of the owners tell us that they are “guessing” at the weights that they are picking up.  Meaning, ALL of the operators know that the Hiab or Palfinger or what-ever model they are operating, that as the crane reaches out, once it is over-loaded, it will simply stop.  I’m not sure about you, but do you think that is the best method to determine how heavy a load really is?  We can agree it’s not, so with that, we decided to bring in a cost-effective, portable crane weight scale or indicator that