Light Duty Picker Training Locations in Alberta

Your company will have one of the best trained operators by one of the best trained instructors in Canada. We have our light duty picker instructor based in Edmonton, as well as Calgary, Saskatoon and Regina. So we cover both provinces and come right out to your shop, office, lay down yard.  We’re also providing crane training in conjunction with a strong safety company in Bonnyville and with the Alberta Construction Safety Association in Edmonton for open classes. These are generally held once every 2 months as right now there is less demand in our provinces than there once used to be. That said if you have a HIAB, FASSI, PALFINGER or any brand of picker, UNDER 8-tons in either

On-Site Picker Truck Certification & Training

Alberta based picker training company with locations in Edmonton & Calgary to serve you better. Truck mounted knuckle boom cranes, or pickers and boom trucks and most know them as, with a lift capacity of under 8 tons are all covered in this course. In our on site picker truck training course, operators will learn how to properly assess the lift site, set up the picker truck for the safest lift, inspect the structure of the picker itself and then the actual frame work or sub-frame of the truck they are mounted on, including their safety systems and familiarizing participants with the crane limitations. We take all of your operators through best practices, safety legislation and the core fundamentals of

Alberta Knuckle Boom Picker Requirements

Here in Alberta our regulation is any crane with a lift capacity of LESS than 8-tons, you do NOT need a trade registered operator. So what do I mean?  Any light duty picker like a HIAB or Palfinger, Fassi or similar truck mounted crane, it’s all voluntary to have your operator take any type of “training” to ensure they stay safe.  BUT according to Alberta OH&S, owners of a business that use a crane or similar to unload material beit their own or for others, needs to provide their operator with the proper tools and ‘training’ to ensure their safety and the safety of others around them. We tell everyone our training is voluntary until something happens then it becomes

Knuckle Boom Crane Training Program

HIAB Picker Operator Training In our industry, most knuckle boom cranes get called “HIAB” cranes or pickers.  If you want to get technical, they are actually called: Truck Mounted Articulated Loader Cranes, but whatever you want to call them is fine with us. HIAB is a well known brand and all the other manufactures in Alberta have been fighting for market share against HIAB for a long time.  Palfinger is likely the second most recognized brand in our provinces as over the past few years the dealers have done a fantastic job of growing their market share accordingly.  HIAB picker trucks are most commonly cranes installed either behind the cab (BOC), or mid-mount behind a vertical tool box, usually called

HIAB Crane Training & Certification in Alberta

We understand and recognize that HIAB cranes are one of the more popular brand of ‘pickers’ in the market for good reason.  Our training does not recognize one brand over another, it recognizes that ALL brands of knuckle boom cranes are good, it becomes the operator who starts to take chances running the crane improperly, whether it’s in the Alberta Oil patch, Saskatchewan’s Potash Mines or any other area where knuckle pickers have proven themselves to be the right product for the application. In the past, companies relied on the crane dealer to do a ‘hand-over’ to the end user, showing them the basics on the knuckle boom crane.  It was mainly by sheer luck on the part of the