HIAB Crane Training – Wabasca

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many folks over the past 7 years and in Wabasca if you have ever been there, well it’s got great fishing lakes, really great people and well, for me it’s got light duty HIAB cranes to instruct on. The HIAB-055-CLX is a pretty darn good little crane, with 3 hydraulic extensions on it it picks near 880 KG at 9.3m.  One of the biggest complaints I point out and see all the time is that when this crane or the larger HIAB 077CLX -3 is mounted on a Ford F550 regular cab chassis, these cranes in Alberta are typically installed directly in front of the rear axle, which you may or may not

What size of Crane Requires a Journeyman Operator?

We’ve been getting quite a few phone calls regarding this and so I thought I’d provide a quick post to help clear that up (hopefully). So in Alberta in particular (Manitoba and NWT also follow this as of this post date), ANY style of crane installed on a truck carrier that has an initial lift capacity of 8-tons or greater as shown on any load chart (it’s the first weight shown on the left hand side of the load chart), must have a trade registered operator at the controls.  This may be an apprentice or a qualified red-seal journeyman (or journey-person depending on your bent). Now where the confusion starts is the Alberta Boom Truck program makes it a bit

Truck Mounted Forklift Training Program

It’s been overdue and forgotten that the forklifts carried on the back of the trucks and trailers we see every day moving down the road are funny looking – yes, difficult to operate – no, but very unique in their own way. They clearly have 3-wheels, look like an all-terrain forklift of which they are and they also move product to places that aren’t normally accessible by a crane or certainly not by carrying. Roofing companies like Roofmart as well as Totem, Rona, Home Depot and others have now switched or are switching over from crane delivery to using a truck mounted forklift. Click HERE to Contact us for a Quote to train your operators The reasoning is two fold,