Light Duty Picker Training Locations in Alberta

Your company will have one of the best trained operators by one of the best trained instructors in Canada. We have our light duty picker instructor based in Edmonton, as well as Calgary, Saskatoon and Regina. So we cover both provinces and come right out to your shop, office, lay down yard.  We’re also providing crane training in conjunction with a strong safety company in Bonnyville and with the Alberta Construction Safety Association in Edmonton for open classes. These are generally held once every 2 months as right now there is less demand in our provinces than there once used to be. That said if you have a HIAB, FASSI, PALFINGER or any brand of picker, UNDER 8-tons in either

On-Site Picker Truck Certification & Training

Alberta based picker training company with locations in Edmonton & Calgary to serve you better. Truck mounted knuckle boom cranes, or pickers and boom trucks and most know them as, with a lift capacity of under 8 tons are all covered in this course. In our on site picker truck training course, operators will learn how to properly assess the lift site, set up the picker truck for the safest lift, inspect the structure of the picker itself and then the actual frame work or sub-frame of the truck they are mounted on, including their safety systems and familiarizing participants with the crane limitations. We take all of your operators through best practices, safety legislation and the core fundamentals of

How did we get Here – Picker Safety Training

Picker Stability is it part of Picker Safety Training? So from time to time we get sent some great photos of knuckle boom cranes we look at and from a pure picker safety training perspective, would NEVER give out as being Okay to do in your day to day. However this picture shows a crane with the flip-over stabilizers and in this case where the operator requires full stability but is not able to do so were the leg in the standard position. So what does one do then? IN this case, while many look and say no way, the operator has placed the pads underneath the part of the stabilizer beam, just under the leg itself to be used

Edmonton Knuckle Boom Operator Training

It’s a great day when you get to work with some of the best customers and the best cranes in the Edmonton and area marketplace. Training operators to be even safer in our humble opinion is as good as it gets.  There are choices to be sure, some are very low priced training companies that are simply giving what OHS is suggesting, we don’t for a minute believe that.  In fact we go above and well beyond, we bring our 24 years of knuckle boom crane experience to your doorstep.  Yes we are more, but you get “from the factory” information, not some stuff that was picked up here and there.  Propane companies realize the capability of knuckle boom cranes

Mechanic Service Crane Training

When I see brochures for companies, naturally I gravitate to the picture, simply to see if the operator is doing more than just posing for a photo.  You see I believe that safety, ALL facets of safety should be adherence no matter what the circumstance.  Even if it is for photo opp that a company wants to use to sell its services to another company. I get what the picture was to show, a product installed on a truck to showcase the crane and possibly the body the crane sits on top of, but this is not the right way to showcase your stuff.  Take the time, In that regard, it is more prevalent for the picture to be even