Light Duty Picker Truck Training in Alberta is a simple process and for many companies it is required and necessary to have.

IF your picker truck has a crane that will lift MORE than 2,000Kg as shown on your load chart of the crane, it’s the first number on the far left side or initial heavy lift number, and it is MORE than the capacity shown above, you are required to provide specific training for that equipment to anyone operating the crane as per OHS section 69 of the current OHS guide.

the programs we offer are from a one-day program up to a 3-day program that offers picker truck operator safety training to rigging training and load control training in those 3 days.

The one day program is our standard program and one that is widely used and accepted by energy companies, municipal organizations, construction and building supply companies.

For more details and pricing on what each one consists of, please send us an email HERE or call us directly at 844-334-8847 to speak to an instructor about your specific needs. 

The areas we serve are:

  • Eastern B.C
  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan
  1. If you are based in either B.C the capacity is limited to 5-tons and under or a maximum boom reach of 25′ or 7.6m reach
  2. If you are based in Saskatchewan the capacity is also limited to 5-tons and under, no restriction on boom length.