Effer Crane Training Effer Light Duty Crane Operator Training in Lloydminster.

We just completed a full day operator safety program and we used 2 cranes due to the high number of operators that attended.  The program keeps your operators compliant with the OHS section 69 standard, as well as many energy operators now require proof of training and certification of anyone who does work on many of their sites to have picker specific training.

Our programs are 1-day, basic operator safety programs that do provide a certificate for a 3 year period, just as you would with all your other certifications.

The 3-day program is far more in-depth and is primarily for experienced operators looking to expand their level of knowledge, but can be used for new operators as well.

Although the expiry time is still 3-years, the information is far more in depth and the practical evaluation also includes rigging training.

We provide on-site, at your location, using your crane so you can reduce your expenses and not have to send anyone out.  We also now work with local hotels and bring smaller groups or individual operators (minimum of 4 to hold this course), if you only have one or two operators.

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