Courtesy of Craneworks Canada

Question: Who’s Responsibility is it to make sure that the operator is trained on the equipment they work with daily?

Answer:  Everyone who is around the equipment.  The business owner’s in many cases, has over $200,000 invested in just the truck & crane package that is servicing the Oil patch in Alberta.  That does not include the tools and many other aspects I’ve not mentioned.  So when you hire an operator, why then would you send him out without the proper foundation?  Many oil companies are now recommending they have our 1-day crane operation certification as part of the criteria.

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One of the biggest mistakes I see operators doing, is standing under the boom or just off the side while lifting the load on remote control cranes, while in part it’s due to the single operator having to do many things at one time (or trying to), it’s the lack of a proper “foundation” of training.  The solution would be to attach a simple, $8.00 item to the load called a “tag-line”.

I know this sounds very simple in nature, and for the most part it is, however our crane familiarization program, provides the foundation for a good operator, not making them a good operator.  it’s much like teaching someone to drive in one day, IF they are given the proper foundation, they develop from there.