Knuckle Boom Crane Stabilizer Pads

Are you using the correct size outrigger pads for the job? A question we ask during each of our training programs to every operator and the answer is typically the same one: “I’m using what is or was on the truck”. While it’s a fair answer, it’s not the right answer.  The response I provide to them is also easy: “what type of soil conditions are you facing this day?  While that seems pretty easy, the truth of the matter is also apparent and that is, these small, largely unregulated crane sizes were put together by an installation facility with little to no regard to ground conditions and it is NOT up to the installer to even put pads on

Outrigger Pads – Why Use Them?

Ok, so the headline is a bit off-putting to anyone who operates a crane.  But during our time showing companies how to better use their knuckle boom HIAB crane, we have seen many “interesting” outrigger pads that we will not allow to be used during our training. In Alberta, this is what OH&S says: “Despite section 88, an employer must ensure that a mobile crane equipped with outriggers is set up with the outriggers on load-bearing floats or pads that are of adequate size, strength and rigidity.” What we see: 2×4 lumber with long bolts holding it all together – WRONG (bolts will bend and 2×4’s will deteriorate quickly) 18″ x 18″ x 1″ plastic pads that are now “cupped”