Boom Truck Certification ProgramsWe have now added an e-Learning platform to our system for our boom truck operator safety programs.

While this is not the same as on-site, it will give your operator ‘provisional’ certification with the balance of the practical assessment being done by an appointed person in your organization.

Not to worry, we send you a full direction checklist of what is required via email in pdf documentation and out of that you will be able to assess your employees based on our instructions.

This way, you keep your costs even lower, are able to give your employees valuable hands on instruction time on the crane and the ability to control the crane, understand the dynamics of the crane as well as proper set up before they go out to the field full time. 

This is typically done by us, however we strive to find a balance between cost and time for our customers who have seen a downturn in their revenues but still require certification.

Upon completion by your company, we issue a full certification to your employee, renewable every 3 years.

For more information, please use the contact form located HERE on our contact us page

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