There is much confusion surrounding the picker requirements in Saskatchewan.

While I admit I have had a few conversations that have been confusing myself, it boils down to small pickers you see on the 1-ton trucks (see photo below), are considered “Power Mobile Equipment” and that as long as you don’t exceed 5.5 tons in lift capacity, you do need a certificate but NOT be in the Boom truck “B” program with the Saskatchewan Boom Truck Trade program.

1 ton picker truck

We provide our On site Light duty picker training (certification) throughout Saskatchewan with instructors located in North Battleford and Regina. 

The program overview is as follows:

  • 1 day in duration (morning is theory, afternoon is the practical testing)
  • We use your picker truck 
  • Certificate (3 year renewable) provided end of the training
  • Wallet card provided end of the training
  • All other documents to update your program (SECOR, Insurance, WCB, etc)
  • End of day summary

If you want more details our FAQ page HERE has more answers or call us at (844) 334-8847