Shown unfoldedWe are able to provide training to ALBERTA based customers doing crane work in BC.

So what does that mean?  If your crane on your truck has a capacity of LESS than 5-tons initial pick capacity, and your crane has LESS than 30′ of hydraulic reach, we are able to provide you with full certification.

Should your crane EXCEED these specifications, then you would be required to take a BCACS crane certification program.

The whole premise is not unlike here in Alberta, if your picker lifts less than 8-tons (initial pick) and does NOT have an attached winch that is capable of a 9,000lb single line pull (similar to a carry deck type crane or other larger cranes that have a limiter).

For more information on the process or to book a picker safety course, please contact us at 403-606-0603 or send us an email by clicking HERE.

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