Is It That Important to Know How Much You Are Lifting?

Does it really matter how much weight you are picking with your crane, so long as the safety systems are working and with knuckle pickers, they will stop when the crane becomes ‘overloaded’ anyway right? Well, usually they do, it’s built into the mechanics of the crane on HIAB, Palfinger, Fassi, etc, they all have a form of ‘overload’ protection built into them for your safety. In spite of how protected you feel you may be, independent testing has found out that many small picker units will exceed the stability of the truck before you reach maximum reach/capacity. Meaning simply that your operator really doesn’t get full use of the crane or capacity before it begins to tip over, and

Hiab Crane Training – What Do You Get

How many times do you hear your operator come back to the shop and say that the crane didn’t work the way it was supposed to, or it doesn’t lift what the chart says it does? We hear this a lot and our answer is always the same, how much does the load weight to start with?  The answer we often get is a non-confident answer. So, what do we do in a case like that?  It’s easy, we put our scale on the crane, pick and weight the load and guess what, just about every operator we train has woefully under-estimated the load they were picking up, and in fact, in over 80% of our trainings, we place a

Crane Weight Scales – Do You Really Need Them?

When we teach knuckle boom crane safety training programs around Western Canada, there is a very common theme among all of the business owners and operators.  Over 90% of the owners tell us that they are “guessing” at the weights that they are picking up.  Meaning, ALL of the operators know that the Hiab or Palfinger or what-ever model they are operating, that as the crane reaches out, once it is over-loaded, it will simply stop.  I’m not sure about you, but do you think that is the best method to determine how heavy a load really is?  We can agree it’s not, so with that, we decided to bring in a cost-effective, portable crane weight scale or indicator that