How Much Weight is Your Crane Lifting!

OHS States: “You Remove ALL Liability By Providing Your Operators With The Proper Tools” and that operators of lifting equipment MUST clearly know the weight of the object being lifted PRIOR to the lift taking place.

Also, in Part 6; Load weight
68 An employer must ensure that the operator of the lifting device, the rigger supervised by the operator and the person in charge of a lift are provided with all the information necessary to enable them to readily and accurately determine the weight of the load to be lifted.

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Don’t get caught not having the right equipment available to your operators, our portable weight scales are calibrated out of the box, come with on-off remote, large LED display, optional: hand held printer, remote display, etc. 

Knuckle Crane Scale

We Stock a Variety of Crane Scales from 1,000 pounds – 50,000 pounds Capacity as Well as Other Scales, such as drive on portable scales for vehicle weighing and much more.

We have over 30-different types of scales, please contact us HERE with your needs and we will get you price and delivery ASAP.  We are the lowest price anywhere!

What’s comes in the Box?

  • Removable Load Hook (swivel hooks are also available)
  • Removable Upper Shackle
  • Hand Remote Control
  • Charger Cable And Batteries
  • Calibration documents

Options Available:

  • Wireless hand-held module with LED display
  • Carry Case
  • Handheld Printer

Our Standard Scales Feature:

  • LIon Battery – good to -35
  • Hand Remote (on-off, lbs-kg)
  • Easy to read, large LED numbers
  • Protected off-on switch
  • Rugged aluminum case design – build for long life (approx. 5 weeks use on a full charge)

We provide the best wireless load cells in the industry